10 reasons why cannabis retail could benefit Tuckerton, NJ:

10 reasons why cannabis retail could benefit Tuckerton, NJ:

As you may know by now, Jersey Shore Extracts has been looking for a town to set up a cannabis retail store. We believe that Tuckerton, NJ would make a good spot. Here are ten reasons why a cannabis retail store could be beneficial for Tuckerton, NJ:

  1. Boost in tax revenue: A cannabis retail store can generate significant tax revenue for Tuckerton, which can be used to fund public services and improve the community.

    “This is significant. We’re looking at, in a short period of time, this is going to be $250 million to $350 million a year in tax revenue, at least, for New Jersey.

  2. Job creation: A cannabis retail store can create jobs in Tuckerton, which can provide opportunities for local residents and contribute to the local economy.

    With 428,000 jobs full-time cannabis jobs supporting the sale of $25 billion of cannabis products nation-wide in 2021, there are more workers in cannabis than there are paramedics, electrical engineers or dentists.

  3. Tourism: Tuckerton can attract cannabis consumers and tourists from neighboring areas if it has a cannabis retail store. This can generate additional revenue for local businesses, such as restaurants, marinas, and other retail shops.

    Cannabis insiders say cannabis tourism is a $1 billion industry outside of dispensaries.

  4. Access to safe and regulated products: A cannabis retail store can provide safe and regulated access to cannabis products, which can help reduce the risks associated with obtaining unregulated products from the black market.

    Here are some ways adults can be safe using cannabis. Buy from licensed dispensaries and understand how to read the label well. 

  5. Increased safety: Regulated cannabis sales can lead to decreased crime rates in the area, as well as reduce the burden on law enforcement.

     Specifically, property crime cases located in bordering counties numbered 2,371 per 100,000 during pre-legalization and 1,723 per 100,000 during post legalization, an average decrease of 648 cases. 

  6. Economic development: The presence of a cannabis retail store can help to revitalize and develop underutilized or blighted areas of Tuckerton.

    Upholding and promoting equity in the expansion of the cannabis industry is but one way we’ve begun to rectify historic injustices that have largely impacted communities of color. Per the New Jersey ACLU, Black individuals were arrested for cannabis charges at 3.45 times the amount of their white counterparts, despite similar rates of usage. Regretfully, 15 counties in New Jersey had a greater racial disparity than that of the national average. Thankfully, initiatives like the Cannabis Equity Grant Program help to correct these historic wrongs.

  7. Increased property values: The presence of a cannabis retail store can help to increase property values in the surrounding area, which can benefit local homeowners and businesses.

    Cities that allow retail dispensaries saw home values increase $22,888 more than cities where marijuana is illegal from 2014 to 2019 (controlling for population and initial home values)

  8. Improved access: Cannabis is a legal treatment option for many health conditions, and a cannabis retail store can provide improved access to these products for local residents.

    To make matters somewhat confusing, many medical patients buy their cannabis at adult-use dispensaries. So not every customer at a recreational cannabis store is using the substance for non-medical reasons.

  9. Reduction of opioid use: Studies have shown that legalized cannabis can reduce the number of opioid prescriptions and overdoses in the community.

    "states with medical cannabis laws had a 24.8% lower mean annual opioid overdose mortality rate compared with states without medical cannabis laws." 

  10. Social equity: A cannabis retail store can help promote social equity by providing job opportunities and tax revenue that can be used to support social programs in underprivileged communities.

    The Office of Minority, Disabled Veterans, and Women Business Development was established by the 
    CREAMM Act
     to promote and facilitate a diverse cannabis market in New Jersey. 

    Theses are just a few of the reasons we think cannabis retail could benefit the residents of Tuckerton. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns. 

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